Penis Enlargement

For men who feel their manhood is not all that it can be, there is help out there. There are a number of ways a man can enlarge his penis with supplements and devices that offer a variety of ways to enlarge a penis. Procedures range from exercises to stretching. The only other alternative to enlarging a penis is through risky and dangerous surgery.

Penis Pills:


Vigrx Plus

Vigrx Plus is a supplement made from all natural products that works for men of all ages and taking the supplements as directed will result in harder erections, heightened arousal, increased sensation, powerful orgasms and a stronger and healthier sex drive. The ingredients were chosen for their aphrodisiac ability in men.

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Male Extra

Male Extra

Male Extra supplements are proven to enlarge a man’s penis by adding length and width. The pills contain Pomegranate which is known as nature’s Viagra. The combination of natural ingredients will help men generate greater erections with additional penis length and width. All it takes is 3 pills every morning and the magic will happen when aroused.

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Performer5 is a male enhancement supplement developed to improve erections, penis size and strength and penis health. Performer5 includes a variety of exercises developed just for the penis. The exercises were developed by a sex therapist and sexual health specialist. The exercises will help strengthen a man’s penis with more intense and rock hard erections.

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Semenax was developed to increase the volume of semen delivered by men in an orgasmic blast. Men who use the supplements will experience increased fertility; higher sperm count production and larger quantities of semen. The product works for men of all ages and is an ideal product for couples who are trying to conceive a child. More semen means added penis contractions to heighten sexual arousal, making sex more pleasurable for men and their partners. Semenax also increases ejaculation to also make sexual activity better.

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Penis Extenders:

Size Genetics

Size Genetics is a penis enlargement system that fits over the penis. The device is adjustable for comfortable fit and works by stretching the penis and strengthening its muscles Not only does genetics ad length and width to a penis, it also corrects penis curvature, as well as give men better control over their erections and orgasms. The ultimate result of the Size Genetics penis extender is the confidence and self esteem it gives men which translates to better sexual performance. Size Genetics is a certified medical device and can be used discreetly while carrying on a normal routine.

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Hydromax Hydropump is a penis lengthening system that works with the wonders of warm water while taking a bath or a shower. The Hydromax chamber fits over the penis and encases the penis in water. The chamber is moved up and down by hand and creates suction and friction along the penis. 15 minutes a day for about 30 days and men will experience a longer and wider penis. Men report lengthening their penis by one half inch. The device is safe to use and the only side effect is a longer and stronger penis.

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Male Edge

Male Edge

The Male Edge is a penis extender that guarantees to lengthen a man’s penis length by 28% and the width by 19%. The device is affordable, comfortable and comes with doctor’s recommendation. The Male Edge works on the penis traction method. The device works by applying a steady stretch along the penis. This action causes the tissue cells to divide and multiply. This results in new growth of tissue along the penis, giving it extra length and width. It is up to the user to decide how much stretching is applied while harnessing the male member natural growth potential.

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Jes Extender


Jes Extender is a penis enlargement system that helps men grow their penis by an average of 28%. The device is used by urologists and doctors and the results have been medically documented. The Jes Extender uses the traction system to achieve results. The penis is encased in a harness that is comfortable and adjustable. The extender works by applying a stretching action that causes the tissue cells to divide and multiply as a result of the traction action. The result is a penis that gains in length and width. The traction principle has been used for centuries to extend certain body parts. A larger penis offers men confidence in their ability to satisfy their partner and provide a better sexual experience for both.

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The Bathmate penis enlargement device that helps men lengthen and widen their penis. The device stimulates the penis and exercises the penis. Bathmate works in the bat or show and utilizes warm water to generate the friction and stimulation necessary to stretch the penis. The pump is designed with a bellows system near the base to allow the chamber to be moved up and down to create the necessary friction. Use of the Bathmate can be made part of a man’s everyday routine, ensuring continued use of the product. The result will be a penis that is longer and wider and that translates to sexual satisfaction for men and their partners.

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It is important to choose an enlargement system that is safe to use, as well as being effective. The enlargement of a normal penis is different from seeking relief from recognized medical conditions known as micropenis. In that case surgery is necessary to increase penis size for urinary or sexual purposes.

Penis size can cause anxiety and a male enhancement program may be the ticket to calm that anxiety. In extreme cases, anxiety about a small penis, if no other medical reasons are involved, it could be a psychiatric or psychological condition that will be better dealt with professional help.

Men who have used a male enhancement program report increased sexual performance, satisfaction and heightened response. Men also report their partners found their enhanced penis responsible for a heightened sexual experience. Men also experience a lift in self confidence and self esteem after using a male enhancement system and that is what the products are really all about.